floor sanding

Floor Sanding is the process of removing the top surfaces of floor by sanding with abrasive materials. A lot of different floors can be sanded, such as timber, cork and sometimes parquet. Sanding removes unwanted material off your floor, such as small bits of carpet stuck on the floor. After sanding, old floors look a lot more refreshing . Floor sanding consists of three stages: preparation, sanding and coating with a protective sealant.

We complete sanding with specialized sanding machines, most of materials are removed by large belt or drum sanders. We make sure that our equipment is of high quality and our unique set of skill make sure that our work is top notch. With many years of experience our work is unsurpassed. We take care of the materials required, making sure that it is of highest quality is also a part of our work. Contact us and we will complete your requirements fast and with high quality. For more information on how to contact us, please check the contact us tab.